Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQs we have answered for you.

Fonepay challenges are a series of tasks designed to reward Fonepay users for using our service.

The challenges is open to all Nepali resident citizens.

You have to accept the challenge via the “Fonepay App.”

A challenge is completed by doing IBFT, ISP, TV, Insurance (Hub) transactions using your Mobile Banking App and QR transaction via your Mobile Banking App or eSewa, IME Pay, or CellPay.

When a challenge is completed, you earn extra reward points and also stand a chance to win daily Rs. 1,000, or weekly Rs. 2,000.

Yes, the challenges should be accepted from the Fonepay App.

There will be various types of challenges to reward our customers. Individual challenges like “Complete an IBFT transaction and get extra rewards."

You will complete a challenge when the progress wheel reaches 100%.

Each challenge will have its set time frame.

You can complete unlimited challenges at once.

You will be rewarded within 24 hours from the completion time.

No, you can only redeem the Fonepay Points from the “Fonepay App” and redeem exciting vouchers available in the app.

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Yes, the merchant can self-register by downloading the Fonepay Business app from PlayStore or AppStore.

The documents required are:

1.     PAN

2.     Business Registration

3.     Citizenship

Currently, there are no installation charges levied to the merchant. MSF (Merchant Service Fee) is also 0% as of now. However, this charge is subject to change.

Yes, but the merchant shall terminate the service from current BFIs.

The merchant is required to download the app “Fonepay Merchant “which is available on both iOS and Android platforms and log in to the app with the credential provided in SMS.

After registration of the merchant is completed, they receive their credentials to their provided mobile number from Fonepay. They can use the credentials securely to log in to Fonepay through a web portal or mobile app.

Fonepay Premium is an annual subscription-based program that offers exclusive benefits and rewards to its members. Fonepay Premium is designed to help users save on their spending costs by offering exclusive benefits that are not available to non-subscribers.  By subscribing to Fonepay Premium, users get to save money on their purchases over the course of the year and enjoy various benefits included in the package.

  • Saving Potential: Savings potential is a major advantage of the premium program. By subscribing to the program on an annual basis, members can enjoy significant discounts and cost savings on a variety of services and products.
  • Sense of exclusivity: Only users enrolled in the program could reap the benefits. This will create a sense of exclusivity and contribute to brand loyalty. Consequently, contributing to the major reason why this program would sell.
  • Convenience: Hassle free availability of the offers would contribute to users subscribing to this program.

To become a part of the Premium program, users can follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Mobile banking online payments section or Fonepay app.
  • Select the premium package that best suits their needs and preferences.
  • Click on the "subscribe" or "buy now" button to initiate the purchase process.
  • Enter the required information, such as personal and payment details.
  • Confirm the subscription and make the annual payment.

Once the subscription is confirmed and the payment is processed, the user will become a Premium member and will gain access to all the exclusive benefits and rewards that come with the program. The user can then start taking advantage of the premium services.

Users will not be eligible for a refund or cancellation after they purchase a premium package.

You can reach out to the Premium program's customer support team through email and phone. The contact details are available on the program's website or app.

No, you cannot change your Premium package after you've subscribed.

Yes, Premium takes the security and privacy of its members' personal information and payment details very seriously and uses the latest security measures to ensure their safety.

To enroll in Fonepay Premium, a business can follow these steps:

  • Should be enrolled in fonepay network through any products (QR/HUB) developed by Fonepay for merchant payments.
  • Contact the Premium partner by sending your business details through an email to [email protected]  to express interest in enrolling in Fonepay Premium.

The validity period of premium packages is typically for one year. Once a user subscribes to a premium package, the subscription will be valid for a period of one year starting from the subscription purchase date. After the validity period ends, the user will need to renew their subscription to continue receiving the premium benefits and rewards.

Once the user has successfully purchased the premium package, they will receive a notification via SMS, email, and the Fonepay app. This notification will confirm that the user has become a premium member and will provide details about the premium benefits and rewards that are now available to them. The user can also log in to their Fonepay account and check their account status to confirm that they are a premium member. The premium benefits and rewards can then be accessed by the user through the Fonepay app.

Premium members are eligible for discounts in the form of cashbacks at participating merchant outlets. To avail of the discounts and cashback, the user can simply pay the full amount for their purchase at the merchant outlet using any online payment method and then receive a cashback automatically on the purchase amount after certain hours. The cashback or discount amount will be credited to the user's bank account. It's important to note that the exact discount amount and terms may vary depending on the specific premium package and program.

  • BTL branding: Branding in all partner spaces. Standees, bill pads, table tents and/ or any other relevant branding materials.
  • Digital Promotion: social media and Viber messaging.
  • In app promotion: Push notifications, in app placement.
  • Increased footfalls; once the merchant enrolls to the platform, users that have subscribed to the program will make frequent visits to the partners or merchants as the primary reason for subscription is to avail discounts.
  • Better brand recognition; merchants will get more avenues of promotion not only limited to the users that have subscribed to the program but also to those that have frequent visits to spaces from which the program could be purchased.
  • Inventory management; merchants can better utilize their inventory through increased footfalls and sales. As most categories of business, we have targeted are perishable in nature meaning, if a table at a restaurant is vacant on any given time, the sales that could be derived, even after discount or at break- even would bring additional cash to the business and manage inventory.