Pay directly from your Bank Account

With Fonepay, you can use your smartphone to make instant payments online or in shops directly from your bank account. All you need is your bank’s official mobile banking app!

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Fonepay Easy, simple, secure payments

Easy, simple, secure

Fonepay comes integrated with your Mobile Banking App, thus it will make your payments and Fund Transfer Easy will just click on your mobile phone. With its advanced future proof technology, Fonepay is making your payment experience simple. It is an alternative to traditional cash and card-based systems.

Since Fonepay is PCI DSS certified and is licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank, Fonepay follows a strict security and safety standards followed by all international payment service operators. Fonepay believes in making your payment experience, Easy, Simple and Secure.

Fonepay Reward Points & Redemption

Reward Points & Redemption.

Fonepay offers its users a customer centric loyalty program, which is specially designed to to reward our customers with a variety of products and services, offering more choices and redemption options than any other program.

Download Fonepay Offer App

Enjoy discounts at over 500+ locations, participate in challenges to earn reward points and redeem exciting products using the Fonepay offer app.

link to download Fonepay in google play store
link to download Fonepay in app store