fonepay Direct TikTok Challenge

#fonepayDirectTikTokChallenge presented by fonepay will start from 29th May, 2020 and last till 12th June, 2020.

The right time to learn and teach about mobile banking is now. fonepay presents a groovy way to teach your circle the easiest way of doing mobile banking transaction and also letting you win up to Rs. 15,000.

“#fonepayDirectTikTokChallenge” is all about grooving to the fonepay Direct video jingle. The participants must present their skills to showcase the steps of performing banking transaction through fonepay Direct.

The terms and conditions are mentioned below:

How to Participate

Appendix 1

  1. Follow official TikTok page of fonepay (
  2. Make an interesting TikTok video (solo or duet) with fonepay Direct jingle/sound used in the steps video uploaded in the account (
  3. Upload the TikTok video with the caption: ‘Mobile Number Batai Paisa Bank ko Khaata ma.’
  4. Use hashtags: #fonepay #fonepayDirect #fonepayDirectTikTokChallenge
  5. Mention @fonepay ( and challenge one of your friends to do the same.

Appendix 2

If you have not downloaded TikTok, follow these simple steps to participate:
  1. Download the TikTok app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Sign up for your TikTok account.
  3. Login to your TikTok account and Tap on the "Discover'' button to search for @fonepay (
  4. Tap on fonepay Direct video (
  5. Tap on the music icon on the bottom left corner of the screen .
  6. Tap on “Use this Sound” button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Start recording the video.
  8. Fulfill necessary criteria mentioned above in the Appendix 1.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. The Contest is only valid for Nepali Citizens who are the age of 16 years or above, not including employees and family members of fonepay and its affiliate/subsidiary companies. (“Participant(s)”). Participants below age of 16 years shall be disqualified.
  2. This Challenge is not associated with TikTok in any way. By participating in the Challenge, the Participant hereby consents to the accessing of information and/or videos of the user on TikTok or Facebook or anywhere else by fonepay for the purpose of this Contest. Further, fonepay shall be liberal to use the entries received for its media coverage, advertisement or publicity in any form which is existing today or will be known anytime in the future without any further consideration to the Participants.
  3. fonepay shall have the right to use all the videos submitted by the participants for the commercial purpose and shall be entitled to use the database of the entries received or any information in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purpose without any further reference or payment or compensation to the Participant.
  4. fonepay has the right to reject any entry from the participants on any grounds without notifying the Participant about the reasons for rejection.
  5. The Participant shall be solely responsible for any consequences which may arise due to any kind of infringement of copyrights or any kind of intellectual property rights belonging to any other person/entity etc.

Selection of Winners

  1. Winners will be announced on 19th June, 2020.
  2. 3 participants with the best TikTok videos will win NRs. 15,000/-, NRs. 10,000/-, NRs. 5,000/- balance on their eSewa account, respectively. *Government taxes will be applicable.
    Winning Criteria:
    - The most creative TikTok Video that thoroughly complements with the jingle and the idea of fonepay Direct shall be prioritized.
    - The TikTok Video must follow all the necessary conditions mentioned in Appendix 1.
    - The winner selection shall be a sole decision of fonepay Direct.
  3. The Winners will be announced on the concerned fonepay’s social media pages. The Winners will have to contact through our official Facebook/Instagram page to claim the reward within 10 days of the winner announcement. The Decision of fonepay shall be final and binding and no claim shall be entertained in this regard.
  4. fonepay shall communicate the further requirements to winners for claiming the winning amount.
  5. In the event, if Winners are unreachable, ineligible, or they fail to claim the Prize within the given/informed time or fail to deposit the applicable taxes if any as informed by fonepay, their Prize shall be relinquished.
  6. If the Law prohibits, the Contest shall be void. In such case, fonepay shall not be liable to provide any gift(s)/Prize(s) or compensation to the Winner on any account.

Good Luck!

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