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Terms and Conditions

1. The Merchant shall agree to accept payment for the Service using Fonepay Network on Real Time.

2. The Merchant shall inform educate and convince its customer to pay for the Service through Fonepay.

3. The Merchant shall have a bank account in any of the member bank of the Fonepay Network in to receive the payment made for the Service by the Customer via Fonepay partners.

4. The Merchant will not charge any additional charges to the customer on top of invoice amount.

5. If either of the Party or business of the Party is found or declared illegal under the laws of Nepal by the Authority of Nepal government or Court in Nepal, the other Party shall terminate this agreement with or without further notification to the Party.

6. The Merchant agrees to provide the Acquirer with a copy of the Merchant's valid and effective business registration certificate, PAN document and relevant background information upon the Acquirer's reasonable request. Acquirer is Bank and Financial Institution (BFI) or Payment Service Provider (PSP) appointed and authorized by Fonepay to create, manage and perform settlement of funds on behalf of the merchant.

7. The Merchant warrants, represents and certifies that all information supplied by the Merchant and any other documentation submitted in support of this Agreement (Including, among others, a copy of the Merchant business registration certificate, PAN certificate and other submitted documents, are complete, true and correct.

8. The Merchant shall make an arrangement to display promotional materials and QR code provided by Acquirer or Fonepay.

9. The Merchant shall ensure that the logo of “Fonepay” shall be displayed in parity with all other forms of payment supported by the Merchant on the Merchant’s Platform were forms of payment are featured for the purchase of good and/or services. The Merchant shall ensure that Fonepay is identified as prominently as possible via physical placement and other means on Merchant’s Platform.

10. The Merchant shall ensure that Fonepay’s logo and content must be used only for the purpose of indicating acceptance of Fonepay by the Merchant as a form of payment, unless otherwise authorized by Fonepay. The Merchant shall present a truthful description of Fonepay services in accordance with Fonepay’s guidelines.

11. The Merchant shall be solely liable for the complaints, goods rejections, and disputes arising out of the illegal, false, outdated or incomplete transaction information contained on the Merchant’s Platform and defects and poor quality of Products.

12. The Merchant agrees to grant a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free license to use, reproduce, publish, distribute and transmit any marketing materials, proprietary indicia or other similar items containing the Merchant’s Intellectual Property necessary to Fonepay to perform its obligations in respect of the Services and the Fonepay Services, including referring to the name of the Acquirer and /or Merchant in the public announcement as one of the partners using Fonepay Services.

13. The Merchant agrees to grant permission and authorization to the Acquirer and its Affiliates and representatives to verify, receive, exchange and obtain business credit and other information in relation to the Merchant on an on-going basis as a continuing obligation herein and for due diligence purposes (including the circumstance of any renewal of this Agreement).

14. In consideration for the Acquirer providing the Services to the Merchant in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Merchant will pay the Acquirer industry standard service fees as stipulated by Fonepay.